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verb us uk /help/
Extra Examples
I'd be very happy to help, if you need a hand.Why don't you help instead of just complaining?It's a good job that Jo was there to help you.Could you help me lift this table, please?I can't help you if you won't tell me what the matter is.

A1 to make it easier for someone to do something:

Thank you for helping.
[ + (to) do sth ] Shall I help you to set the table?
Dad always helps me with my homework.

B2 to make something easier or better:

[ + to do sth ] When you're nervous or frightened, it helps to breathe slowly and deeply.
can't/couldn't help sth

B1 to be unable to stop yourself doing something or to stop something happening:

[ + doing sth ] I couldn't help thinking about what had happened.
He couldn't help it, he slipped.
help yourself (to sth)

B1 to take something, especially food or drink, without asking:

Please help yourself to some coffee.

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