Bedeutung von “history” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈhɪstəri/
Extra Examples
Jewish historythe history of mankindA country's culture is bound up with its language and history.It was an interesting chapter in Spanish history.Nuclear weapons have changed the course of modern history.
PAST [ U ]

A2 the whole series of events in the past that relate to the development of a country, subject, or person:

The Civil War was a terrible time in American history.
What do you know about the history of jazz?

A2 the study of events in the past:

He's very interested in modern European history.
a history book
a history of sth

If you have a history of a particular problem or illness, you have already suffered from it:

a man with a history of drug addiction

a description or record of events in the past relating to someone or something:

The doctor read through his medical history.
→ See also case history , natural history

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