Bedeutung von “home” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /həʊm/
LIVE [ C, U ]

A1 the place where you live or feel you belong:

I tried to call him, but he wasn't at home.
We sold our home in London and moved to Scotland.
He left home (= stopped living with his family) when he was eighteen.

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CARE [ C ]

a place where people who need special care live:

a children's home
My grandmother lives in a home now.
feel at home

B1 to feel happy and confident in a place or situation:

After a month she felt at home in her new job.
make yourself at home

to behave in a relaxed way in a place, as if it was your own home:

Take off your coat and make yourself at home.
the home of sth/sb

the place where you usually find something or someone, or where they come from:

France, the home of good food
→ See also nursing home , stately home

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