Bedeutung von “how” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /haʊ/

A2 used to ask about the way something happens or is done:

How did he die?
How does she manage to keep the house so tidy?

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A1 used to ask about quantity, size, or age:

How big is the house?
How old are they?
How much (= what price) was that dress?
How far is the next garage?

B1 used before an adjective or adverb to emphasize it:

I was amazed at how quickly she finished.

A2 used to ask about someone's health:

How are you feeling today?

B1 used to ask about the success or progress of a situation:

How's everything going?
How was the exam?
How are you?

A1 used to ask someone if they are well and happy:

"How are you Jane?" - "Oh, not so bad thanks."
How about..?

A2 used to make a suggestion:

How about a drink?
[ + doing sth ] How about going to the cinema?
How come? informal

used to ask about the reason for something, especially when you feel surprised about it:

"Kate's gone to the party on her own." "How come?"

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