Bedeutung von “however” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb us uk /haʊˈevər/
Extra Examples
You shouldn't hit him however angry you are.It's going to happen however much I want to avoid it.Every village, however small, takes part.He always went to work however ill he felt.Life's hard however old you are.
however cold/difficult/slowly, etc

B2 used to say that it does not make any difference how cold/difficult/slowly, etc something is or happens:

We're not going to get there in time, however fast we drive.

A2 used when you are about to say something that is surprising compared with what you have just said:

He had always been a successful businessman. Recently, however, things have not been going well for him.

used to ask about how something happened when the person asking feels surprised:

However did you manage to persuade her?

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