Bedeutung von “if” — Learner’s Dictionary


conjunction us uk /ɪf/
Extra Examples
I'll join if they lower the entrance fee.I'm going to watch the late film if I can stay awake.I'll fence in the garden if we get a dog.I'll go to the concert if I can get a ticket.We're going to Mexico if we can afford it.

A2 used to say that something will happen only after something else happens or is true:

We'll have the party in the garden if the weather's good.
If you eat up all your dinner you can have some chocolate.

B1 used to talk about something that might happen or be true:

I'm sorry if I've offended you.
What will we do if this doesn't work?

B1 whether:

I wonder if he'll get the job.
Have you asked her if she'd like to come?

B1 used to mean always or every time:

If you mention his mother, he always cries.

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