Bedeutung von “in” — Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk /ɪn/

A1 inside or towards the inside of a container, place, or area:

There's milk in the fridge.
a shop in Cambridge
He put his hand in his pocket.

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A1 during part or all of a period of time:

We're going to Italy in April.
I started working here in 2003.
The guinea pig lives inside in the winter.

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A2 needing or using no more than a particular amount of time:

They managed to complete the work in two weeks.
I'll be ready in a few minutes.

A2 part of something:

Who's the woman in the painting?
There are a few spelling mistakes in your essay.

B1 wearing:

Do you know that man in the grey suit?

B1 expressed or written in a particular way:

Complete the form in black ink.
She spoke to him in Russian.

B1 arranged in a particular way:

We sat down in a circle.
Is this list in alphabetical order?

B1 experiencing an emotion or condition:

We watched in horror as a body was pulled from the wreckage.
She's in a bad mood this morning.
The kitchen's in a terrible state.
in all

B2 used to show the total amount of something:

Some of the children came, so there were 15 of us in all.

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