Bedeutung von “last” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective, determiner us uk /lɑːst/
MOST RECENT [ always before noun ]

A2 the most recent:

What was the last film you saw?
It's rained for the last three days.

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ONE BEFORE PRESENT [ always before noun ]

A2 The last book, house, job, etc is the one before the present one:

My last house was half this size.
I liked his last book but I'm not so keen on this one.
His last film was a bit of a disappointment.

A2 happening or coming at the end:

It's the last room on the left.
That's the last programme of the series.
I was the last one to arrive.
"How did she get on in her race?" "She was last."
REMAINING [ always before noun ]

B1 only remaining:

Who wants the last piece of cake?
the last person/thing, etc

B2 the least expected or wanted person or thing:

Three extra people to feed - that's the last thing I need!
He's the last person you'd expect to see at an aerobics class.
→ Opposite first adjective → See also be on its last legs , the final/last straw , have the last word

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