Bedeutung von “like” — Learner’s Dictionary


preposition us uk /laɪk/

A2 similar to or in the same way as someone or something:

I wish I were slim like you.
They were acting like children.
He looks like his father.
It sounded like Harry.

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What is sb/sth like?

A2 something you say when you want someone to describe someone or something:

I haven't met him - what's he like?
So what's your new dress like?
What are you like? UK informal

used when someone has said or done something silly:

You've bought another jacket? What are you like?

B2 If behaviour is like someone, it is typical of the way that they behave:

It's just like Anita to miss her train.
It's not like Tim to be late.

B1 for example:

She looks best in bright colours, like red and pink.

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