Bedeutung von “little” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈlɪtl/
Extra Examples
a pretty little villageThere's a little bit more pasta left.It was a tiny little room.Ah, look at that little kitten!I came across a lovely little restaurant in the village.

A1 small in size or amount:

a little bag/box/town
She's so little.
It costs as little as one dollar.
I might have a little bit of cake.
SHORT [ always before noun ]

B2 short in time or distance:

Sit down for a little while.
Let's have a little break.
NOT IMPORTANT [ always before noun ]

B1 not important:

It's only a little problem.
I'm having a little trouble with my back.
YOUNG [ always before noun ]

A1 young and small:

She was my little sister and I looked after her.

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