Bedeutung von “look” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /lʊk/
SEE [ I ]

A1 to turn your eyes in the direction of something or someone so that you can see them:

Look at the picture on page two.
Look at me, Daddy!
He was looking out of the window.
I looked around and there she was.

Mehr Beispiele


A1 to try to find someone or something:

I'm looking for my keys.
I've looked everywhere but I can't find my bag.
look nice/strange, etc; look like/as if

A2 used to describe the appearance of a person or thing:

That food looks nice.
You look tired, my love.
Do I look silly in this hat?
She looks Italian or Spanish.
He looked like a drug addict.
it looks like; it looks as if

B1 used to say that something is likely to happen:

It looks like there'll be three of us.
It looks as if he isn't coming.
be looking to do sth

to plan to do something:

I'm looking to start my own business.

something you say when you are annoyed and you want people to know that what you are saying is important:

Look, I've had enough of your complaints.
→ See also look the part

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