Bedeutung von “look” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /lʊk/
SEE [ C ]

B1 an act of looking at someone or something:

[ usually singular ] Take a look at these pictures.
You've got your photos back - can I have a look?

Mehr Beispiele

have/take a look

B1 to try to find something:

I've had a look in the drawer but I can't find your passport.
FACE [ C ]

B2 an expression on someone's face:

She had a worried look about her.
She gave me a questioning look.
FASHION [ no plural ]

a style or fashion:

the new look for the summer
the look of sb/sth

B2 the appearance of someone or something:

I like the look of that new music programme they're advertising.
sb's looks

a person's appearance, especially how attractive they are

→ See also good looks

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