Bedeutung von “lot” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /lɒt/
a lot; lots

A1 a large number or amount of people or things:

There were a lot of people outside the building.
He earns lots of money.
I've got a lot to do this morning.

Mehr Beispiele

a lot better/older/quicker, etc

A1 much better/older/quicker, etc:

It's a lot better than the old system.
It's a lot quicker by train.
the lot UK informal

all of an amount or number:

I made enough curry for three people and he ate the lot.
I'm sick of the lot of them.

a group of people or things that you deal with together:

I've already done one lot of washing.
I'll recycle the next lot of newspaper.

an area of land:

a parking lot
an empty lot
SALE [ C ]

something being sold at an auction (= sale where things are sold to the people who pay the most) :

Lot 3: a Victorian chest.
sb's lot

the quality of someone's life and the type of experiences they have:

They've done much to improve the lot of working people.

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