Bedeutung von “memory” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈmeməri/
Extra Examples
He has a remarkable memory.He began to lose his memory as he got older.She claims that these exercises will improve my memory.My mother still has an excellent long-term memory.The symptoms include loss of memory and poor concentration.

B1 your ability to remember:

John has an amazing memory for historical facts.
She had a photographic memory (= was able to remember every detail).
After the accident, he started to suffer from loss of memory.

B1 something that you remember:

[ usually plural ] I have fond memories of my childhood.
MIND [ C, U ]

B1 the part of your mind that stores what you remember:

He recited the poem from memory.
in memory of sb

If you do something in memory of a dead person, you do it to show your respect or love for them:

They built a statue in memory of those who died in the fire.

A2 the part of a computer where information and instructions are stored, or the amount of information that can be stored there:

You need 32 megabytes of memory to run this software.

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