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verb us uk /maɪnd/

B1 to be annoyed or worried by something:

Do you think he'd mind if I borrowed his book?
[ + doing sth ] Tim won't mind lending you his car.
He doesn't seem to mind doing all the driving.
I don't mind taking her (= I am willing to take her) if you're too busy.

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to look after someone or something:

Could you mind my suitcase while I go to the toilet?
Who's minding the baby?
do you mind/would you mind

A2 something you say when politely asking someone to do something:

Do you mind not smoking in here, please?
Would you mind if I borrowed your phone?

B1 something you say when telling someone to be careful with something dangerous:

Mind the iron - it's still very hot!
never mind

A2 something that you say to tell someone that something is not important:

"I forgot to bring any money." "Never mind, you can pay me next week."

something you say to emphasize that something is impossible:

I can't afford to buy a bike, never mind a car!
mind you

something you say before saying the opposite of what you have just said:

We had a lovely holiday in France. Mind you, the weather was appalling.

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