Bedeutung von “most” — Learner’s Dictionary


quantifier us uk /məʊst/
Extra Examples
For most of the journey we were doing 70 miles an hour.She devotes most of her free time to charity work.I do most of the cooking.The troops eventually occupied most of the island.She has been resident in Britain for most of her life.

A2 almost all of a group of people or things:

Most people think he's guilty.
Most of our students walk to school.
She wears jeans most of the time.

B2 a larger amount than anyone or anything else:

This one costs the most.
Which of you earns most?
the most

B1 the largest number or amount possible:

That's the most I can pay you.
make the most of sth

B2 to take full advantage of something because it may not last long:

We should make the most of this good weather.
at (the) most

not more than a particular amount or number:

The journey will take an hour at the most.

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