Bedeutung von “need” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /niːd/
Extra Examples
I really need a haircut.He needed some time to compose himself.This program needs 8 MB of hard-disk space.He needs to learn to delegate or he'll never get everything done.A good boxer needs skill as well as strength.

A1 If you need something, you must have it, and if you need to do something, you must do it:

I need some new shoes.
The country still desperately needs help.
[ + to do sth ] The doctor said I might need to have an operation.
[ + to do sth ] If there's anything else you need to know, just give me a call.
We need you to look after the children for us.
don't need to do sth/ needn't do sth

A2 used in order to say that someone does not have to do something or should not do something:

You didn't need to come all this way.
You don't need to be frightened.
She needn't have taken him to the hospital.

B1 If something needs something to be done to it, that thing should be done in order to improve it:

Do the clothes on this chair need washing?
The car needs to be serviced.
There needs to be sth

used to say that something is necessary:

There needs to be more funding for education in this country.

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