Bedeutung von “new” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /njuː/
Extra Examples
The appearance of new products on the market has increased competition.We hired a new secretary last week.Two teachers were there to greet the new arrivals.He tried to convince me that I needed a new car.You're never too old to embark on a new career.

A1 different from before:

I need some new shoes.
Have you met Fiona's new boyfriend?
He's starting his new job on Monday.
We're always looking for new ways to improve our services.

A1 recently made:

Their house is quite new - it's about five years old.
The factory will provide hundreds of new jobs for the area.

A1 not known before:

to discover a new gene/star
be new to sb

B1 If a situation or activity is new to you, you have not had experience of it before:

You'll have to be patient, this is all new to me.
be new to sth

B1 If you are new to a situation or activity, you have only recently started experiencing it:

I'm new to the job.
They're new to the area.
→ See also a whole new ball game , new blood , brand new , break new ground , new heights , turn over a new leaf , give sb/sth a new lease of life

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