Bedeutung von “nor” — Learner’s Dictionary


adverb, conjunction us uk /nɔːr/
Extra Examples
Their performance was neither entertaining nor educational.Neither he nor his mother would talk to the police.Fot two days he neither ate nor drank.Neither he nor his friends could attend the dinner.Neither Jane nor Michael are in at the moment.

B2 used after 'neither' to introduce the second thing in a negative sentence:

Strangely, neither James nor Emma saw what happened.
He neither spoke nor moved.
nor can I/nor do you, etc mainly UK

B2 used after something negative to say that the same thing is true for someone or something else:

"I don't like cats." "Nor do I."
"I won't get to see him tomorrow." "Nor will Tom."
She couldn't speak a word of Italian and nor could I.

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