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noun us uk /nəʊt/

A1 a short letter:

He left a note on her desk.
Did you get my note?

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A2 words that you write down to help you remember something:

She studied her notes before the exam.
Let me make a note of (= write) your phone number.
The doctor took notes (= wrote information) while my wife described her symptoms.

a short explanation or an extra piece of information that is given at the bottom of a page or at the back of a book:

See note 3, page 37.
FEELING [ no plural ]

a particular feeling or mood:

His speech had just the right note of sympathy.

a single musical sound or the symbol that represents it

MONEY [ C ] UK US bill

B1 a piece of paper money:

a ten-pound note
take note (of sth)

to pay careful attention to something:

Make sure you take note of what she says.
Safety standards are being tightened. Employers, take note.
sb/sth of note formal

someone or something famous or important:

A medieval church is the only monument of note in the town.

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