Bedeutung von “one” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun us uk /wʌn/

A2 used to refer to a particular person or thing in a group that has already been talked about:

I've just made some biscuits, do you want one?
Throw those gloves away and get some new ones.
Chris is the one with glasses.

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GENERAL formal

any person in general:

One ought to respect one's parents.
one at a time

B2 separately:

Eat them one at a time.
one by one

B2 separately, with one thing happening after another:

One by one the old buildings have been demolished.
one another

B1 each other:

How can they reach an agreement if they won't talk to one another?
(all) in one

combined into a single thing:

It's a vacation and art course all in one.

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