Bedeutung von “onto” — Learner’s Dictionary


preposition also on to us uk /ˈɒntuː/

B1 used to show movement into or on a particular place:

The sheep were loaded onto trucks.
Can you get back onto the path?

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hold/grip, etc onto sth

to hold something:

Hold onto my hand before we cross the road.

B2 used to show that you are starting to talk about a different subject:

Can we move onto the next item on the agenda?
be onto sb

to know that someone has done something wrong or illegal:

She knows we're onto her and she's trying to get away.
Who put the police onto (= told the police about) her?
be onto sth

to know or discover something useful or important:

Researchers think they may be onto something big.
Can you put me onto (= tell me about) a good dentist?

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