Bedeutung von “opinion” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /əˈpɪnjən/
Extra Examples
I always value his opinion.It is our considered opinion that he should resign.I'm simply expressing my opinion.Do you have strong opinions about it?His opinions carry a lot of weight with the scientific community.

B1 [ C ] a thought or belief about something or someone:

What's your opinion about/on the matter?
He has fairly strong opinions on most subjects.
Why don't we ask Daniel's opinion?
In my opinion (= I think) he's the best football player we have in this country.
public opinion

B2 the thoughts and beliefs that most people have about a subject:

Eventually, the government will have to take notice of public opinion.
have a high/low opinion of sb/sth

to think that someone or something is good/bad:

He has a low opinion of doctors.

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