Bedeutung von “ourselves” — Learner’s Dictionary


pronoun us uk /ˌaʊəˈselvz/
Extra Examples
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.We busied ourselves in the kitchen preparing dinner.We anchored ourselves to the rocks with a rope.We spent a few minutes familiarizing ourselves with the day's schedule.Since it rained we had to content ourselves with playing cards.

A2 the reflexive form of the pronoun 'we':

We've promised ourselves a holiday abroad this year.

used for emphasis with the pronoun 'we' or when referring to yourself and at least one other person:

John and I arranged the wedding reception ourselves.
(all) by ourselves

A2 alone or without anyone else's help:

It's a big garden but we manage to look after it by ourselves.
(all) to ourselves

for our use only:

We arrived early and had the swimming pool all to ourselves.

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