Bedeutung von “pick” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /pɪk/
Extra Examples
I can't decide which card to pick.It doesn't matter which plate you pick, they're all the same.He asked me to pick a winner from the list of runners.Would you like to pick a dessert from the menu?The winning numbers are picked at random by a computer.

B1 to choose something or someone:

Do you want to help me pick some numbers for my lottery ticket?
I was never picked for the school football team.

B1 If you pick flowers, fruit, etc, you take them off a tree or out of the ground:

I picked some apples this morning.

to remove small pieces from something with your fingers:

You'll have to let the glue dry and then you can pick it off.
pick a fight/argument

to start a fight or argument with someone

pick sb's pocket

to steal something from someone's pocket

→ See also have a bone to pick with sb

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