Bedeutung von “piece” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /piːs/
Extra Examples
Thanks, but I honestly couldn't eat another piece of cake.Can you weigh that piece of cheese for me?He broke off a piece of chocolate.Cut the meat into small pieces.She tied the two pieces of rope together.

A2 an amount of something, or a part of something:

a piece of paper/wood
She cut the flan into eight pieces.
Some of the pieces seem to be missing.
These shoes are falling to pieces (= breaking into pieces).

A2 one of a particular type of thing:

a useful piece of equipment
It's a beautiful piece of furniture.

B1 some of a particular type of thing:

a piece of news/information
Can I give you a piece of advice?

B2 an example of artistic, musical, or written work:

There was an interesting piece on alternative medicine in the paper yesterday.
He's got two pieces on show in the Summer exhibition.
ten-/twenty-, etc pence piece

a coin with a value of ten/twenty, etc pence (= British money) :

Have you got any twenty-pence pieces for the parking meter?

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