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verb us uk /pɪtʃ/

to make something suitable for a particular level or group of people:

[ often passive ] His talk was pitched at slightly too high a level for the audience.
PERSUADE [ I, T ] mainly US

to try to persuade someone to do something:

She pitched the idea to me over lunch.
They are pitching for new business at the moment.
pitch (sb/sth) forward/into, etc

to suddenly move in a particular direction, or to make someone or something suddenly move in a particular direction:

He braked too hard and the car pitched forward.
She pitched the stone into the river.
pitch a tent

to choose a place for a tent and put it there

BALL [ I, T ]

in baseball, to throw the ball towards the person who is going to hit it:

He used to pitch for the Chicago White Sox.

to make sound at a particular level:

The tune was pitched much too high for me.

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