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verb us uk /pleɪ/
Extra Examples
You can play football as long as you do your homework first."Come and play football, Dad." "Not now, Jamie."He's good enough at cricket to play professionally.She plays a lot of tennis and squash.The team played incredibly well.

A1 to take part in a sport or game:

You play tennis, don't you Sam?
We often used to play cards.
I used to play netball for my school.
I'm playing Tony (= playing against Tony) at squash tonight.
Two of the team weren't playing because they were injured.
Barcelona are playing against Real Madrid tonight.

A1 If children play, they enjoy themselves with toys and games:

She likes playing with her dolls.
Emma won't play with me.
MUSIC [ I, T ]

A2 to make music with a musical instrument:

Tim was playing the piano.

A2 If a radio, record, etc plays, it produces sounds, or if you play a radio, record, etc you make it produce sounds:

A radio was playing in the background.
He plays his records late into the night.

B1 to be a character in a film or play:

Morgan played the father in the film version.
play a joke/trick on sb

B2 to deceive someone as a joke:

I played a trick on her and pretended we'd eaten all the food.
→ See also play it by ear , play games , play (it) safe , play for time , play truant

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