Bedeutung von “poor” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective uk /pɔːr/ us /pʊr/
Extra Examples
I grew up in a very poor neighbourhood.It's a poignant story about a poor family's struggle to survive.A third of the population has been classified as poor.The present tax system penalizes poor people."She's not exactly poor, is she?" "Certainly not."

A1 having very little money or few possessions:

Most of these people are desperately poor.
Modern fertilizers are too expensive for poorer countries to afford.
housing for the poor

B2 of very low quality:

poor health
Last year's exam results were poor.
a poor harvest
The meeting went smoothly but attendance was poor (= not many people came).

B2 not having much skill at a particular activity:

She's always been poor at spelling.
Sam's a poor swimmer.
SYMPATHY [ always before noun ]

A2 used to show sympathy for someone:

That cold sounds terrible, you poor thing.
be poor in sth

B2 If something is poor in a particular substance, it has very little of the substance:

Avoid foods which are high in calories but poor in nutrients.

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