Bedeutung von “possible” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈpɒsəbl/
Extra Examples
Doctors did everything possible to save her life.We believe it is possible to legislate against racism.He requires special equipment and, where possible, we've accommodated those needs.It is theoretically possible.

A1 If something is possible, it can happen or be done:

[ + to do sth ] Is it possible to speak to the manager please?
The operation will make it possible for her to walk without crutches.
I'll send it today, if possible.
→ Opposite impossible adjective

B1 If something is possible, it might or might not exist or be true:

possible safety problems
[ + (that) ] It's possible that the tapes were stolen.
as much/quickly/soon, etc as possible

A2 as much/quickly/soon, etc as something can happen or be done:

I'll go as soon as possible.
the best/cheapest/worst, etc possible

the best/cheapest/worst, etc that can happen or exist:

the shortest possible time

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