Bedeutung von "possible" - als Fremdsprache


adjective uk us /ˈpɒsəbl/

A1 If something is possible, it can happen or be done:

[ + to do sth ] Is it possible to speak to the manager please?
The operation will make it possible for her to walk without crutches.
I'll send it today, if possible.
→ Opposite impossible adjective

B1 If something is possible, it might or might not exist or be true:

possible safety problems
[ + (that) ] It's possible that the tapes were stolen.
as much/quickly/soon, etc as possible

A2 as much/quickly/soon, etc as something can happen or be done:

I'll go as soon as possible.
the best/cheapest/worst, etc possible

the best/cheapest/worst, etc that can happen or exist:

the shortest possible time

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