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verb us uk /pɔːr/
Extra Examples
He poured a cup of coffee and gave it to Isabel.She poured the dirty water down the drain.Pour the juice into a jug with ice and lemon.Pour the beer slowly into the glass.I spilled some wine as I was pouring him a glass.

B1 to make a liquid flow from or into a container:

I poured the milk into a jug.
[ + two objects ] Can I pour you a drink?
RAIN [ I ] also UK pour down

B1 to rain, producing a lot of water:

We can't go out in this weather - it's pouring!
pour into/out/from, etc

B2 to flow quickly and in large amounts:

Blood was pouring from my leg.

to enter or leave a place in large numbers:

The crowd poured out into the street.

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