Bedeutung von “practice” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈpræktɪs/
Extra Examples
John failed to turn up for football practice yesterday.He missed the practice session and now he's out of the team.I go to band practice on Monday evenings.The team has a practice session every Wednesday evening.His playing will improve with practice.

A2 repeatedly doing an activity to improve your ability:

We need a bit more practice before the concert.
I've got basketball practice tonight.

what people do or how they do it:

business/working practices
[ + to do sth ] It is common practice to bury waste in landfills.
WORK [ C ]

a business in which several doctors or lawyers work together, or the work that they do:

a legal/medical practice
in practice

B2 If something is true in practice, this is the real situation:

In practice, the new laws have had little effect.
be out of practice

B2 to not do something well because you have not done it recently:

I didn't play very well today - I'm out of practice.
put something into practice

to try a plan or idea:

Next month we will have a chance to put these ideas into practice.

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