Bedeutung von “prepare” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /prɪˈpeər/
Extra Examples
I didn't have adequate time to prepare.Jackson had taken the initiative and prepared a report.She prepared most of the food in advance.We busied ourselves in the kitchen preparing dinner.Have you had time to prepare the report I asked for?

A2 to get someone or something ready for something that will happen in the future:

I haven't prepared my speech yet.
They're preparing for the big game.
We're preparing the students for their end-of-year exam.
[ + to do sth ] I was busy preparing to go on a trip.
prepare yourself

B1 to make yourself ready to deal with a difficult situation:

Prepare yourself for a shock.
You should prepare yourself for a long wait.
FOOD [ T ]

A2 to make food ready to be eaten:

to prepare lunch

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