Bedeutung von “proper” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈprɒpər/
Extra Examples
Please make your request through the proper channels.Parents have an obligation to make sure their children receive a proper education.Sarah wouldn't find that funny - she's far too prim and proper.Make sure you use the proper form of address.Is there a proper way of doing this?
CORRECT [ always before noun ]

B1 correct or suitable:

the proper way to do something
Please put those books back in the proper place.
REAL [ always before noun ] mainly UK

B1 real and satisfactory:

his first proper job
You should eat some proper food instead of just sweets.

socially acceptable:

It's not proper to interrupt someone when they're speaking.
MAIN [ always after noun ]

referring to the main or most important part of something:

I live outside Cambridge - I don't live in the city proper.

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