Bedeutung von “quality” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ˈkwɒləti/
Extra Examples
With some goods, cost is the most reliable indicator of quality.The poor quality of his work has become a standing joke in the office.The sound quality on the recording is variable.They are makers of top quality electrical products.Most people associate this brand with good quality.

B1 how good or bad something is:

good/high quality
poor/low quality
The air quality in this area is terrible.
All we are asking for is a decent quality of life.
The spokeswoman says a quality control system is being developed for next year.
GOOD [ U ]

B1 the fact of being very good or well made:

A designer label isn't necessarily a guarantee of quality.

B2 part of the character or personality of someone or something:

leadership qualities
Joe has a lot of good qualities, but I don't think he has the ability to discipline the team.

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