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noun us uk /ˈkwestʃən/

A1 a sentence or phrase that asks you for information:

Is it OK if I ask you a few questions?
He refused to answer my question.
If you have any questions about the scheme, do ask me.
"So where's the money coming from?" "That's a good question" (= I do not know).

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B2 a situation or problem that needs to be considered:

This documentary raises important questions about the American legal system.
Two important questions arise from this debate.

B2 doubt:

[ + that ] There is no question that this was an accidental fire.
His ability as a chef has never been in question.
"So you agree she's the right person for the job." "Yes, absolutely, without question."
The report brings/calls into question (= causes doubts about) the safety of this drug.
sb/sth in question

the person or thing that is being discussed:

He claims that he was at home with his girlfriend on the night in question.
be out of the question

If something is out of the question, it is not possible or not allowed.

→ See also loaded question , rhetorical question

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