Bedeutung von “reflect” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /rɪˈflekt/
Extra Examples
This latest move reflects a change of attitude by the government.His article reflected the mood of the public.The survey tries to reflect the views of the people who were questioned.His opinions reflect those of the majority.Concerns about safety have been reflected by decreasing passenger numbers.
SHOW [ T ]

B2 to show or be a sign of something:

The statistics reflect a change in people's spending habits.

If a surface reflects heat, light, sound, etc, it sends the light, etc back and does not absorb it.

IMAGE [ I, T ]

B2 If a surface such as a mirror or water reflects something, you can see the image of that thing in the mirror, water, etc.:

He saw himself reflected in the shop window.
THINK [ I ] formal

B2 to think in a serious and careful way:

In prison, he had plenty of time to reflect on the crimes he had committed.

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