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adjective us uk /ˈreɡjələr/
Extra Examples
There are regular ferry crossings from Tenerife to Gran Canaria.I'll need regular updates on your progress.She is one of the Cathedral's band of regular worshippers.There is a regular train service between Glasgow and Edinburgh.The bell rang at 8 a.m., regular as clockwork.

B2 repeated with the same amount of time or space between one thing and the next:

a regular pulse
Plant the seedlings at regular intervals.

B1 happening or doing something often, especially at the same time every week, year, etc:

a regular occurrence
a regular visitor to Brussels
We arranged to meet on a regular basis.

usual or normal:

I couldn't see my regular dentist.
SIZE informal

B1 being a standard size:

a burger and regular fries

Something that has a regular shape is the same on both or all sides:

She's got lovely, regular teeth.

B1 following the usual rules or patterns in grammar:

'Talk' is a regular verb but 'go' is not.
→ Opposite irregular
regularity noun [ U ] us uk /ˌreɡjəˈlærəti/

the state of being regular

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