Bedeutung von “remove” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /rɪˈmuːv/
Extra Examples
Pass the sauce through a sieve to remove any lumps.The water was filtered to remove any impurities.Thousands of people were forcibly removed from their homes.He removed the bandage to expose the wound.Unattended bags will be removed.

B1 to take something away:

An operation was needed to remove the bullets from his chest.

B2 to take something off:

Liz removed her jacket and hung it on a chair.
Carefully remove the lid, then stir the paint.
JOB formal

to make someone stop doing their job:

[ often passive ] He had been removed from his job on medical grounds.
be far removed from sth

to be very different from something:

The princess's world was far removed from reality.

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