Bedeutung von “respect” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /rɪˈspekt/

B1 polite behaviour towards someone, especially because they are older or more important than you:

You should show more respect for your parents.

B1 admiration for someone because of their knowledge, skill, or achievements:

She's an excellent teacher and I have the greatest respect for her.

behaviour that shows you think something is important or needs to be dealt with carefully:

Electricity can be dangerous and should always be treated with respect.
in this respect/many respects

B2 in a particular way, or in many ways:

The school has changed in many respects.
with respect to sth; in respect of sth formal

B2 relating to a particular thing:

I am writing with respect to your letter of 24 June.
pay your respects

formal to visit someone or go to talk to them

also pay your last respects to go to someone's funeral

→ See also self-respect

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