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noun us uk /rɪˈtɜːn/
Extra Examples
He had gone away and there was no expectation of his return.The President gave a speech on his triumphant return to the White House.The crowd cheered the return of the explorers.I was sad to hear of his return to hospital.The bird-watchers are waiting for the return of the geese.
GOING BACK [ no plural ]

B1 an occasion when someone goes or comes back to a place where they were before:

On his return to Sydney, he started up a business.
GIVING BACK [ no plural ]

the act of giving, putting, or sending something back:

the return of the stolen goods
ACTIVITY [ no plural ]

a time when someone starts an activity again:

This film marks his return to acting.
HAPPENING AGAIN [ no plural ]

a time when something starts to happen or be present again:

the return of the platform shoe
What we are seeing here is a return to traditional values.
TICKET [ C ] UK US round-trip ticket

B1 a ticket that lets you travel to a place and back again, for example on a train:

Could I have two returns to Birmingham?

the profit that you get from an investment:

This fund has shown high returns for the last five years.
in return

B2 in exchange for something or as a reaction to something:

I'd like to give them something in return for everything they've done for us.

an occasion when a ball is thrown or hit back to another player in a sports game:

She hit an excellent return.

B1 a key on a computer keyboard that is used to make the computer accept information or to start a new line in a document:

Type in the password and press return.
→ See also day return

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