Bedeutung von “right” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /raɪt/
LAW [ C ]

B2 something that the law allows you to do:

the right to free speech
[ + to do sth ] the right to vote

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A2 the right side of your body, or the direction towards this side:

You'll find her in the second room on the right.

B2 morally correct behaviour:

I've tried to teach them the difference between right and wrong.
have a/no right to do sth

to have, or not have, a good reason for something:

He has a right to be angry.
She had no right to speak to me like that.
the Right/right

political groups that support capitalism (= a system in which industries and companies are owned by people and not the government):

The right campaigned against the president.

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