Bedeutung von “rule” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /ruːl/
Extra Examples
There are exceptions to every rule.I found the rules a little too rigid.They are adamant that they have not broken any rules.There are no rules as such, just a few guidelines.New food safety rules come into effect on Monday.

B1 an official instruction about what you must or must not do:

to break (= not obey) the rules.
to obey/follow the rules
You can't smoke at school, it's against the rules (= not allowed).

control of a country by a particular person or country:

There have been reports of immense human suffering under his rule.
USUAL WAY [ no plural ]

B2 the usual way something is:

an exception to the rule
Workers in the North are, as a rule, paid less than those in the South.

B1 a principle of a system, such as a language or science:

the rules of grammar

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