Bedeutung von “sake” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /seɪk/
Extra Examples
Many parents decide to stay together, putting up a front for the children's sake.He believes in art for art's sake.The figures have been rounded up for simplicity's sake.The company has put lives at risk for the sake of profits.She gave up her job for the sake of her husband.
for the sake of sth

B2 for this reason or purpose:

For the sake of convenience, they combined the two departments.
For safety's sake, you shouldn't swim alone.
for the sake of sb

B2 in order to help or please someone:

He begged her to stay for the sake of the children.
for God's/goodness/heaven's, etc sake

something you say when you are angry about something:

For heaven's sake, stop moaning!

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