Bedeutung von “same” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective, pronoun us uk /seɪm/
Extra Examples
He had to go over the same ground several times before I understood it.The same method can be applied to other situations.The same line is repeated throughout the poem.The same thought has been nagging away at me since last week.He was whistling the same tune over and over.
the same

A1 exactly alike:

He's the same age as me.
We work at the same speed.
Cars cost the same here as they do in Europe.

A1 not another different thing or situation:

They met at the same place every week.
You meet the same people at all these events.

B2 not changed:

She's the same lively person she's always been.
He looks exactly the same as he did ten years ago.
all/just the same

despite what has just been said:

He doesn't earn much. All the same, he ought to pay for some of his own drinks.
Same here. informal

something that you say when something another person has said is also true for you:

"I think she's awful." "Same here."
the same old arguments/faces/story, etc informal

something or someone you have seen or heard many times before

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