Bedeutung von “security” — Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ U ] us uk /sɪˈkjʊərəti/
Extra Examples
The security guard relented and let them through.Driving along in a comfortable car can give you a false sense of security.Applicants are screened to ensure that none of them is a security risk.The issue of security came up at the meeting yesterday.They seem to have a very lax attitude towards security.

B1 the things that are done to keep someone or something safe:

airport/national security
a security alarm

a situation in which something is not likely to fail or be lost:

financial security
job security

confidence about yourself and the situation that you are in:

the security of a long-term relationship
→ Opposite insecurity (insecure)

something valuable that you offer to give someone when you borrow money if you cannot pay the money back

→ See also social security

the protection of information against being stolen or used wrongly or illegally:

IT security

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