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verb us uk /siː/ present participle seeing, past tense saw, past participle seen
Extra Examples
I looked through the window but couldn't see any signs of life.I peeked out the window to see who was there.I saw Gina scurrying around, getting everything ready.He saw himself reflected in the shop window.Are you quite sure of the exact time that you saw him?
EYES [ I, T ]

A1 to notice people and things with your eyes:

Have you seen Jo?
Turn the light on so I can see.

B1 to understand something:

I see what you mean.
I don't see why I should go.
MEET [ T ]

A1 to meet or visit someone:

I'm seeing Peter tonight.
You should see a doctor.

A2 to watch a film, television programme, etc:

Did you see that programme last night?

B1 to find out information:

[ + question word ] I'll just see what time the train gets in.

B2 to imagine or think about something or someone in a particular way:

I just can't see him as a father.

to believe that something will happen:

I can't see us finishing on time.

to be the time or place where something happens:

see that

If you ask someone to see that something happens, you want them to make sure it happens:

Could you see that everyone gets a copy of this letter?
see sb home/to the station, etc

to go somewhere with someone, especially to make sure they are safe:

Let me see you home.
I'll/we'll see

used to say that you will make a decision about something later:

"Dad, can I have a guitar?" "We'll see."
see you informal

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