Bedeutung von “serious” — Learner’s Dictionary


adjective us uk /ˈsɪəriəs/
Extra Examples
Impersonating a police officer is a serious offence.Drugs have become a serious problem in the area.He had a serious illness, but there was no outward sign of it.The car has a serious design fault.The strong wind caused serious damage to the roof.

B1 A serious problem or situation is bad and makes people worry:

a serious accident/illness
This is a serious matter.

B1 thinking or speaking sincerely about something and not joking:

I'm being serious now - this is a very real problem.
Are you serious about changing your job?

B1 A serious person is quiet and does not laugh often:

a serious child
You look very serious - is something wrong?
seriousness noun [ U ]

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