Bedeutung von “shoot” — Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ʃuːt/ past tense and past participle shot
Extra Examples
The officer commanded his men to shoot.Soldiers were given the authority to shoot, but only as a last resort.He was shot in the back as he tried to escape.A man was shot during a disturbance in King Street.The soldiers started shooting into the crowd.

B1 to injure or kill a person or animal by firing a bullet from a gun at them:

[ often passive ] He was robbed and then shot in the stomach.
An innocent bystander was shot dead in the incident.

B1 to fire a bullet from a gun:

Don't shoot!

B1 to try to score points in sports such as football by hitting, kicking, or throwing the ball towards the goal

shoot across/out/up, etc

to move somewhere very quickly:

She shot across the road without looking.
FILM [ T ]

to use a camera to record a film or take a photograph:

[ often passive ] Most of the film was shot in Italy.

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