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adjective us uk /ʃɔːt/

A1 having a small distance from one end to the other:

short, brown hair
short legs
a short skirt

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A1 continuing for a small amount of time:

a short visit
There's a short break for coffee between classes.

A2 A short book or other piece of writing has few pages or words:

a short article/story

A1 A short person is not as tall as most people:

She's short and slim with dark hair.

B1 not having enough of something:

I'm a bit short of money at the moment.
Would you like to play? We're a couple of people short.
He seemed a bit short of breath (= having difficulty breathing).
be short for sth

B2 to be a shorter way of saying the same thing:

'Mick' is short for 'Michael'.
be short with sb

to talk to someone quickly in an angry or rude way

shortness noun [ U ]

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